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Tractorless Vineyards' winemaking philosophy to create a sustainable and diverse food and wine experience from locally sourced, foraged, grown and produced foods. Pop across to the Cellar Door to experience our selection of award-winning wines, ciders and beers or just browse through the farm shop.

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Grape: Chardonnay is a variety that lends itself to a wide range of winemaking techniques. This allows our winemaking team to guide and mould the wine through various stages of production.


Vineyards: Sustainably produced off two of our local Biodynamically run vineyards in the Southern Highlands one with clay soils which helps preserve the crisp lively acids in the wine and the other on thin sandy soils which help enhance the deep grapfruit and mango characters of the final wines.


Climate: The warm summer days and cool nights of the Southern Highlands allows our chardonnay fruit to slowly ripen whilst developing great complexity of flavour.


Harvest: Harvest is typically mid to late March when the fruit is 12-13 Baume. This is when the acids are crisp and clean and the round rich fruit flavours have developed. Our chardonnay is 100% hand picked with each batch being carefully selected by our winemakers to ensure premium quality.


Fermentation: After harvest the grapes are destemmed and allowed to spend some time in the press with the skins before being pressed off. The juice is then kept lightly cloudy for the ferment which takes place in French oak. Our aim is to develop flinty funky ferment characters to complex the final wines, whilst retaining fresh varietal fruit flavours.


Ageing: Once fermentation has been completed we age the wines in French oak for 12 - 18 months. Each barrel is mixed (batonage) once a month with the heavy ferment lees.Specific malolactic cultures are selected and 100% of the barrels undergo malolactic fermentation. The malo and batonage

processes develop a rich buttery roundness to the final wine, which is balanced beautifully with the crisp acids and intense fresh fruits created by the cool climate of the Southern Highlands.


Residual Sugar:  Less than 1g/l R.S. (Dry)


Tasting notes: A perfect balance between vanilla, butter, grapefruit, mango and creamy pattiseries. The Tractorless Chardonnay is a throw back to the classic buttery oaky Chardonnays of the 80’s and 90’s with a balanced

modernage freshness.


Cellaring:  Tractorless Vineyard deliberately holds back this wine for at least 12 months to ensure that its drinking fantastically upon release. However, the rich characters of this wine and strong acid structure will reward patient cellaring revealing honey toast bottle aged characters.


Food Pairing: Rich seafood lobster, crab and lighly smoked or buttery pan fried salmon.


Tractroless vineyard Chardonnay