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Grape: Pinot Gris is one of the Southern Highlands best performing grape varieties. Typically displaying rich Beurre Bosc pear characters.


Vineyards: Sustainably grown at our local Biodynamically run vineyards McVitty Grove. The clay soils helps preserve the crisp lively acids in our wine and the North facing slope helps develop the rich pear flavours.


Climate: The cool evenings and slightly moist conditions are perfect for great Pinot Gris. Allowing the rich pear characters to develop in slow

accumilation in line with the acid development.


Harvest: Harvest begins March to April once the fruit has reached its desired ripeness. We like to harvest our Pinot Gris about 2 weeks earlier than is typical in Alcase to preserve the fresh acids which we feel suits the Australian climate and ends up with a better food matching wine.


Fermentation:  After harvest we remove the stems and lightly press the berries to reveal a bronze coloured juice. The juice is racked clean and fermented bewteen 15 - 18 degress. We are wary of allowing this rich viscous variety to ferment too warm and loose the crisp edge we are looking for in the final wine.


Ageing: Once fermentation has been completed we age the wines in stainless steel tanks with regular lees stirring (batonage) for up to 4 months. This allows the yeast cells to release some of the complex fruit flavours back into the wines and helps develop a rich creamy mid pallet and light interesting texture.


Residual Sugar:  Less than 1g/l R.S. (Dry)


Tasting notes: Fresh pear jumps straight out of the glass and the pallet is not forgotten. The fresh pear characters of our Pinot Gris are perfectly balanced with crisp acid and light mid pallet texture making this a fresher version of the traditional Alsacian version of this wine and a perfect match with food


Cellaring:  Tractorless Vineyard deliberately holds back this wine for at least 12 months to ensure that its drinking fantastically upon release. We recommend drinking our Pinot Gris before 5 years in the cellar


Food Pairing: Tasmanian scallops are a great match to the tractorless Pinot Gris, lightly seared and served clean and fresh.


Tractroless vineyard Pinot Gris